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We had been told that if we put effort and will and dream about things, we could do whatever we want… but… is it true? Is there a design for us to live by?… if so, where could we find it? What is the secret to a full-filled “Way”(Way with capital letter cause it is a person… not a thing) of living? 

Do we really have a choice? Can we choose ignoring the fact that we had been created to be? Live in a certain “Way”? What “Way” are we living in?… Do we know where are we going? (Quo Vadis?)… How did we get where we are? Did we choose? or Had it been a random thing? 

I had taught for years that i believe in the God of choices. In the God that always… always… always… have a choice for us to make… So, the question being, if so… what are we doing with them? Do we see them? or do we feel like we are in an empty, dead end? What choices had passed us by before we got here? Can we see them? How did we get here?… Who is leading our “Way”?

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